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Designing technical systems inside the building

- Ventilation systems;

- Cooling systems;
- Heating systems;

- Heat units;
- In-building water supply and sewerage;

-Special systems.

Designing utility networks outside the building

- District heating lines and calculation of heat networks;

-Remote cooling;
- External water supply and sewerage;

-Stormwater sewerage and drainage.

Road and pavement design

- Streets, parking lots and squares; 
- Restoration of pavements;
- Highways;
- Vertical planning;
- Traffic management projects;
- Preparation of consolidated plans.

Expertise in construction projects

We perform expertise of construction projects. We check compliance with laws, regulations and the set task. If necessary, we check by calculation.


We consult before the design starts, and in the initial stage we help to get the basic solutions in place.

Model design

We use modern software with model design capabilities and can prepare projects that meet model design requirements.

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